Maintenance of gardens in the area of Greenwich, Connecticut.

2000: worked in the most prestigious and elegant properties in Greenwich, CT where we brought all the experience in landscape maintenance and innovations in the creative development for the improvement of these in terms of structure and design.

2003: We saw an opportunity for independence, share and explore our expertise in maintaining the structure of symmetrical gardens. Thanks to the professionalism in our work over the years, we achieved high coverage in Fairfield County, Westchester County, among others. Since 2003 we have maintained our professionalism and excellent services, extending our clientele and customer satisfaction until current year 2011.


Aquino's landscape has a large group of trained people, coordinated and designed to work in symmetrical garden maintenance. Aquino Landscape team has excelled throughout our experience in creating quality and professionalism in their service.
We Built a working mechanism aimed at the support and guidance after assembly held in each of their properties. Aquino has catapulted Landscape Company as one of the best options in the area of Connecticut in regard to this service.